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Permitted Support Material

Usually no support material can be brought to the exams. An exception is the exam for "Grundlagen der theoretischen Informatik" (Foundations of Theoretical Computer Science), where one DIN A4 page can be brought (both sides can be written on).

Examination Dates and Oral Exams

  • Information on exams for the ITIS cours of study can be found here
  • Dates for written exams for the Bachelor course of study (Computer Science) can be found here
  • "Complexity Theory" and "Computability and Logic" (oral exams, Vollmer) as well as "Efficient Algorithms" and "Formal Languages" (oral exams, Meier): Registration via our examination registration system. Exam dates can be found in the system, the exams will take place in Appelstr. 4 in room 220 (Vollmer) and room 219 (Meier), respectively.

Online registration system for oral exams

Our examination registration system is used to organize the schedule of exams. If you would like to take an oral exam at our institute, please register at the system and log into it. Afterwards you will see possible exam dates with corresponding lectures.

The recent registration password is 'turing' (without quotes).

Note: If you log into the system for the very first time, please read the help-page within the system in order to get convenient with the process of registration. Thank you very much!